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Nursing and Medical Advice

Our team of experienced, professional, and caring Nurses offer consultation, assessment, and liaison.  Empowering people on their illness pathway from initial diagnosis onwards.

How do I access this service? If you think our service can benefit you, please complete an online referral form via the link below and one of our Nurses will contact you:

Other Services

Support Groups: Patients, Carers, Bereaved

By participating in the support groups, you can meet with others in a similar situation and experience mutual support while learning new skills.

Workshops and Education Sessions

The aim of our workshops and education sessions is to instil hope and wellbeing ‘tools’ for those living with a life-threatening illness.

Respite Care at Dove Wing

Dove Wing is a unique Palliative Care Unit, staffed by a dedicated team of skilled palliative care health practitioners, offering short-term respite beds and end-of-life care and support.