Our Services

Our services are very patient centred, they support and enhance any conventional treatments people may be receiving while aiming to promote emotional and spiritual wellbeing. With a strong focus on holistic wellness, we include whanau, carers and those who are bereaved. You are invited to discuss what would be helpful to you and your family through these experiences and beyond. Our clinical services are supported by our corporate partner Power Diary.

At Dove House a team of experienced professional and caring Nurses, Psychotherapists, Body Therapists and Medical Staff, support and empower people as they navigate their or their loved ones, illness pathway.

Dove House is the hub of our wellness programmes where we provide a range of wellness and supportive therapies and programmes to ensure you and your family manage this challenging time in the best way possible.

At Dove Wing our inpatient unit, we provide quality care for those requiring respite and end of life care.

Nursing and Medical Advice

Our team of experienced, professional, and caring Nurses offer consultation, assessment, and liaison.  Empowering people on their illness pathway from initial diagnosis onwards.

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Counselling: individual, couples and families

Dove House offers Individual, Couple and Family Counselling.  Spending time with an experienced counsellor can enable deeper understanding among family members. This can encourage the development of effective strategies for coping with the many pressures that illness creates.

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Body Therapies

Body Therapies have been shown to support the body and mind in a vast number of ways. Our therapeutic environment is created to ensure each person’s situation is carefully considered, with the most appropriate therapies being offered to support holistic wellbeing.


Physiotherapy in our Hospice and Wellness setting is about treatment to optimize functioning, reduce disability and improve well-being. Living with a life-limiting illness can have many side effects that affect your well-being, Physiotherapy can assist by improving resilience to the effects of cancer treatments enhancing the quality of recovery or the ending of life.

Mobile Therapy Service

This service is for people with life-threatening illness who are no longer able to physically come to Dove House for complementary therapies.  This service provides a range of therapies to holistically support your wellbeing: Reiki, Reflexology and Oncology Massage. 


Support Groups: Patients, Carers, Bereaved

By participating in the support groups, you can meet with others in a similar situation and experience mutual support while learning new skills.

Workshops and Education Sessions

The aim of our workshops and education sessions is to instil hope and wellbeing ‘tools’ for those living with a life-threatening illness.

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Respite and Palliative Care at Dove Wing

Dove Wing is a unique Palliative Care Unit, staffed by a dedicated team of skilled palliative care health practitioners, offering short-term respite beds and end-of-life care and support.


Access Our Services

Referrals to Dove Hospice & Wellness can be received by a healthcare organisation, directly from a patient, or by a carer or bereaved.

We encourage people to get our help as early as possible in their journey of living with a terminal illness, we know it can be scary asking for support but we want to help everyone who could benefit from our expert care – if you need us we will do all we can to help you and your family.

All services provided by Dove Hospice are at not cost to our service users. If you wish to access our services, or would like to refer someone who would, please complete one of the below forms:


Health Organisation

Carer or Bereaved