Junk2Go’s Small Beginnings to Sustainable Success


Last month, we met with Margot Lewis, one of the owners of Junk2Go, a family-run business in Auckland that has been providing rubbish and junk removal services since 2005.

Junk2Go initially started as a small operation but has since grown exponentially, now offering a wide range of efficient and reliable services including DIY and construction site clean-ups, commercial waste management, and office clearance solutions.
Through their commitment to growth and improvement, the company has significantly increased the number of trucks in operation, expanded its service areas, increased junk collection capacity, and enhanced waste elimination processes for faster results. This notable growth has empowered Junk2Go to extend its services to previously unreached suburbs in Auckland, effectively catering to a larger population of residents and businesses.

Sustainability is at the heart of our values at Junk2Go and Dove Hospice & Wellness. Our partnership focuses on the redirection of reusable items to support various community initiatives and work towards diminishing landfill waste.
Junk2Go operates a ‘Charity Donation Programme’ where junk collected by their company, still in good condition, is donated to various charities, including our Dove Hospice Shops, with proceeds supporting our hospice services. This collaboration cultivates a positive cycle of reuse, benefiting the environment and providing vital support to local communities.

As Junk2Go expands its operations and introduces new innovations, our partnership with their company represents our mutual commitment to creating a sustainable, eco-friendly future. We are dedicated to integrating sustainable practices into every aspect of our operations, not only to bring about positive change but also to inspire and engage our community in adopting an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Learn more about Junk2Go: www.junk2go.co.nz