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Counselling: individual, couples and families

Life-limiting illness brings a myriad of challenges. Where life was once considered to be ‘normal’, diagnosis often means normality is replaced by what feels like an endless round of medical appointments and decision making, participation in treatments, and the challenge of coping with the often-debilitating effects of that treatment. This can leave people feeling isolated and alone with their fears and anxieties. Whanau, loved ones, and caregivers are also impacted. Putting on a ‘brave face’ and ‘being strong’ is often the habitual response expected in our society when it comes to coping with life’s challenges—Dove Hospice & Wellness offer other ways.

Dove House offers Individual, Couple and Family Counselling.  You can meet with a counsellor individually to explore your fears and anxieties, understand old patterns that may now be unhelpful and help you connect with your inner resources. This can enable you to cope better with the stresses you are faced with. Getting together with an experienced counsellor as a family or couple can enable deeper understanding among family members. This can encourage the development of effective strategies for coping with the many pressures that illness creates.

Who can access this service?
This service can be accessed by those who are experiencing or are impacted by a life-limiting illness: patients, their whānau, caregivers and bereaved are welcome. We offer virtual options as needed to ensure safe access to these services.

How do I access this service?
If you think our service can benefit you, please complete an online referral form via the link below and one of our Nurses will be in contact with you.

Other Services

Support Groups: Patients, Carers, Bereaved

Dove Wing is a unique Palliative Care Unit, staffed by a dedicated team of skilled palliative care health practitioners, offering short-term respite beds and end-of-life care and support.

Physiotherapy in our Hospice and Wellness setting is about treatment to optimize functioning, reduce disability and improve well-being. Physical activity is important to health and quality of life. Living with a life limiting illness can have many side effects that affect your well-being. Physiotherapy can assist by improving resilience to the effects of cancer treatments and enhance the quality of recovery.

Respite Care at Dove Wing

Dove Wing is a unique Palliative Care Unit situated within St Andrews Village, Glendowie, Auckland. It is staffed by a dedicated team of skilled Palliative Care Health Practitioners. It offers a peaceful environment with a holistic approach to care providing physical, social, emotional and spiritual support to the person with a life limiting illness, their whānau and loved ones.