Our People

“You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things”- Mother Teresa.

Our Staff

Nurses - Dove House

Kathryn Jackson

Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialist

Toni Hancock

Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialist

Orla O’Riordan

Registered Nurse, Experienced Palliative Care Nurse


Dr Graeme Kidd

General Practitioner, Medical Counsellor

Joanne Wilkinson


Lesley Gamlen


Steffi Richter


Sheryn Fung


Body Therapists

Cath Noventa


Fi Darracott-Cankovic

Acupuncture, Shiatsu Therapist

Mary Wakefield

Lymphoedema Therapist, Reiki,
Oncology Massage, Aromatherapy

Linda Browne

Reiki, Oncology Massage, Skin and Nail Therapist

Julia Mead

Reiki, Skin and Nail Therapist, Oncology Massage

Administration and Management

Katrina Martin

Administrator / Receptionist

Letitia Howarth

Distribution Retail Selector Team Leader

Lionel Lee

Distribution Logistics Team Leader

Bridget Burnett

Volunteer Advocate

Karen White

Administration Manager

Jacky Gorham

Retail Operations Manager

Amy Conlon

Marketing, E-Commerce, and Communications Manager

Nicola Edie

Financial Accountant

Adrienne Rekké

People & Culture Lead

Simon Jones

Executive Trustee

Stephanie Forde

Clinical Manager

Chyrese Laubscher

Administrator / Receptionist

Dove Hospice Board of Trustees

Peter joined Dove in 2018, enthusiastic to make a positive contribution and in 2020 accepted the governance role of Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Coming from a background in Chartered Accountancy and Management Consultancy, Peter brings with him a wealth of experience having lead management consulting teams in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Asia, and Europe. His clients included a range of multi nationals, local New Zealand Companies and public sector organisations going through reorganisation. He had a great interest in healthcare reform and was involved as a lead consultant in the New Zealand Health Sector reforms of the 80’s and 90’s working with Hospitals and Regional Funding Agencies.

Peter is now retired, however while he was operating as a Management Consultant, he covered a wide range of industries. More recently the majority of his time and passion is directed towards not-for-profit and charitable organisations.

“It is extremely important to be involved with and give back to your community where you can, and I feel grateful to have the opportunity to do this by supporting this amazing organisation who support those in our community (at no cost to them) who are living with a life-threatening illness, their whanau, and carers”, says Peter.

Peter Ross

Board Chair

Vanesse is an experienced health clinician. Currently working as a Registered Psychologist with Oranga Tamariki: Clinical Services, and an honorary member of the ‘Winston Churchill Memorial Trust NZ’, Vanesse thrives on challenge and enjoys using and develop her leadership and professional skills to facilitate and influence positive change.

Vanesse joined the Dove Board of Trustees in 2020 stating, “I understand the Dove Mode of Care from both a professional and consumer point of view and am thoroughly enjoying supporting and further developing these quality services our organisation provides at no cost to our local community.”

Vanesse Geel


Roger is a semi-retired Geriatrician having worked at the Auckland City Hospital for over 30 years and is currently the national clinical lead for the ANZ Fragility Fracture Registry. Over the years Roger also contributed to spend his time as a locum to support colleagues at smaller centres around Auckland.

Roger joined the Dove Hospice & Wellness Board in 2017 and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of clinical services, management, and strategy to share with the organisation.

“In addition to my clinical experience, I have been involved in health service management in many roles and bring all of this to support the development of palliative care services at Dove Hospice and Wellness”, states Roger.

Roger Harris


Jenny joined Dove in 2020, enthusiastic to make a tangible contribution in a role that aligned with her values. Bringing to Dove her experience and insight from her days working as a Registered Nurse, experience and understanding from working within the retail sector, and personally as a cancer survivor herself, Jenny’s values align strongly with Dove’s values of Compassion, Hope, Integrity, and Gratitude. “Hospice to me means managing the journey of illness in the most comforting way possible”, says Jenny. Jenny enjoys volunteering at the Dove Shop in Glen Innes, where she started working when she retired from practising nursing, and always enjoys valuable time spent with her family overseas and in Auckland.

Jenny Rogers


Isabella accepted her position as Founding Patron of Dove Hospice & Wellness in 2017. The idea to create a hospice closer to the Eastern Bays suburbs was first aired back in 1989 by four funding members, including Isabella, as the founders recognised this community support was sorely needed.

Isabella’s career started as a Register Nurse and through her community involvement and support in church groups and community centres, her advocacy and leadership saw her take positions on the National Council of Women, local Rotary Club as well as her passion project which was Dove.

“It is most rewarding to see the services that Dove can provide now through professional staff and volunteers, from small beginnings”, says Isabella.

Isabella lives locally in the Eastern Bays and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, continuing to volunteer her time and stay connected with those working in the Dove shops, distribution centre and Dove House. As Dove marked its 30th Anniversary, during 2022, the organisation recognises and is extremely thankful for Isabella’s foresight, mentoring and ongoing support.

“Believe in yourself, have the ‘can’ in life. Laugh, live, and love.”

Isabella Huihana Tedcastle


Warwick joined Dove Hospice & Wellness in late 2020, following his active involvement in several Charitable Trusts and his local Rotary Club. Since his appointment began with Dove, Warwick has contributed to the Trust through advice on the Distribution Centre, planning and implementing of the retail and property requirements and the financial governance.

Warwick’s career has seen him work in a range of industries throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the UK in the fields of microeconomics, manufacturing, and management.

“I am very proud of the work that the Hospice does in our local community and the fact that the organisation is fully funded by its retail shops”, says Warwick.

Warwick Leyland


Graeme has been a long standing and valued member of the Dove Hospice & Wellness team since 2008 in the role of a General Practitioner and Medical Councellor. Graeme also brings with him experience having worked as a Medical Officer for 15 years, between 1998 – 2013, for the South Auckland based Totara Hospice and has had his own practise in Howick House Medical Centre, East Auckland for 45 years.

With over 45 years of experience in healthcare, Graeme brings experience and passion for quality service delivered with compassion and hope. This professional and excellence service quality was officially recognised in 2021 when Graeme received a special award for Compassion at the National GP Conference.

Graeme informs, “As a Doctor I encourage patients to think about how much their health depends on them and not on the Doctor. My role is often education rather than prescription.”

Dr Graeme Kidd


Rob joined Dove Hospice & Wellness in 2014, with over 30 years’ experience in Chartered Accounting and Financial management. Keen to contribute to his local community, Rob accepted his position on the Board of Trustees for Dove and contributes from his experience across all aspects of financial management.

Rob is enthusiastic about the future for Dove and the opportunity to grow our clinical offering more throughout Auckland and New Zealand.

“The greatest gift you can give is some of your time, and I feel honoured to be able to contribute my time and experience to an organisation helping those in our community struggling with life-threatening health conditions,” says Rob.

Rob Joliffe


Graham is an experienced business leader working in the local food retail sector.

Having joined the Dove Hospice & Wellness Board of Trustees in 2014, Graham’s experience in commerce and finance, specific to the retail sector, gives the opportunity for guidance and support to Dove’s retail fundraising arm of the organisation.

Graham says, “My first exposure to Hospice was when my father died many years ago, so when the opportunity arose at Dove, I was enthusiastic to be able to contribute my specific skill set as a Trustee. My exposure to Hospice was the ‘end-of-life’ model whereas I have come to learn and appreciate a whole new approach that Dove offers, being that of supporting an organisation that cares for people from time of diagnosis through to their new wellness where feasible”.

Graham Fabian

Deputy Chair

Simon is an experienced and influential business leader with over 25 years of business, finance, advisory and relationship experience across a variety of market sectors from manufacturing to healthcare, to banking.

Simon joined Dove Hospice & Wellness in 2015, as a Board of Trustees member. In 2020 Simon was asked to lead the Dove organisation in the role of Executive Trustee. During the past two years Simon has helped to guide the organisation through a challenging pandemic and focusing on sustainability across economic, environmental, and social equity.

“I am absolutely passionate about the impact that our wonderful clinicians have delivering their services to the most vulnerable, those are people suffering from life threatening illness in our local community, and that includes their families. The way that unfolds to me is just a pleasure to be part of”, exclaims Simon.

Simon Jones

Executive Trustee

Karen joined Dove in April of 2013 seeking the opportunity to be part of a team working to support people in her local community living with life challenging illness.

Karen’s experience in education, community involvement and having suffered loss of close family, helps her to empathise with people and the importance of their well-being. This empathy and community reach are strong and key contributions which Karen brings to her role with Dove.

“The Dove Hospice & Wellness model is constantly evolving”, says Karen, impressed by the expertise and care that Dove offers those in need. Karen is a strong believer in a holistic approach to everyday life.

Karen O’Connell