Donation from BNI Ellerslie Penrose


Last week I had breakfast with one of the BNI Chapters – Ellerslie Penrose – who continue to support the Service of Dove House by raising money for our programme of care. In this instance, Music Therapy.  I thoroughly enjoyed the hour I spent with them – a very hospitable and receptive group – even at that time of the morning! ….and was so impressed by their willingness to share experiences they’d had either personally or with family and friends around living with serious illness and  end of life. It promoted the opportunity to connect on a level other than business and equally a very real part of all of our lives. Thank you BNI Ellerslie for your hospitality and the fabulous donation of $750!!” Janine (CEO Clinical Services)

Certified Builders – Auckland


President of Certified Builders Auckland, Stavros Evangeladakis and fellow board members present cheque of $6,000 to Janine Ewan to be used in the delivery of the service to patients and families. A stunning effort raised through a golf tournament by members  – 105 players in all – THANK YOU Certified Builders – you are making a difference in our community.


With heart felt gratitude

I believe that what you have created at Dove House is unique and precious! It changes lives and helps to make very sick people feel well again…sometimes no matter what we do our bodies are going to give out on us but if we feel connected, a sense of belonging and feel we have a place that deeply nurtures us, our quality of life can still be amazing and joyful!

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Dove House – My Sanctuary

Dove House – my sanctuary, my solace and my serenity. When I walk through the door I feel an instant sense of peace.

In the tumultuous year that was 2015, Dove House has been the one place that has filled me with hope, love and caring beyond anyone’s anticipation. Diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2015 and then a mastectomy with a rigorous regime of chemotherapy and Herceptin, my very caring cancer support person referred me to Dove House.

For those of us who face a life threatening illness it is a very frightening experience. For me it was the feeling of treading in unknown deep, dark waters, who knows what is hidden in the murky depths. Dealing with those internal emotions, outward physical changes and for me, also caring for my husband who has required 24/7 care for the last 13 years following a series of strokes was a very daunting and difficult challenge. Because of his lack of speech and comprehension I was unable to verbalise my fears, discuss my treatment or even take much time out for my healing and well being over the year.

At Dove House, I found these wonderful, wonderful people who, no matter what type the appointment, just listened without judgement, were full of empathy, kindness, love and caring and just made me feel human and strong and more than anything else…NORMAL.

For eight months following my mastectomy I struggled with seroma, (fluid gathering at the wound site), which needed to be constantly drained by the surgeon. One of the therapists suggested that some lymph drainage massage would be advantageous….It worked.

During my time at Dove House I have been so very fortunate to be cared for by the therapists and have experienced amazing Reiki after which I sleep peacefully, magic hands that feed my face with nourishment, healing hands that heal me and gentleness that got my lymph system moving.

I cannot speak highly enough of all the earthly angels at Dove House who give their expertise with the utmost professionalism but with kind and caring hearts.
Bless you all at Dove House and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Bliss




Thank You Harrisons Carpet – Eastern Bays

I phoned Gabrielle McIntosh of Harrisons Carpet Eastern Bays and followed up with an email saying “we need help”. Our 24hr care facility Dove Wing needed a freshening up of the carpet in the family room.

It is really important to us to provide a homely welcoming and fresh space for our patients, families and visitors in Dove Wing …however we needed help. So after having a very satisfactory personal experience with Harrisons I phoned our local Franchisee.

Gabrielle from the outset was very enthusiastic and clear about the way she could assist us. She went out of her way to ensure we got the right product, the right colour and at the right price for us! Installation was booked and her team confirmed the date and time. We appreciated the attention to detail and organisation particularly when caring for sick people alongside tradesmen needing access.

Our nurses said it couldn’t have been easier, with no fuss and are absolutely delighted with the result!

Thank you Gabrielle – support from our local community is so important to our being able to provide the services and maintain the standards of Dove House and Dove Wing. We recommend your service without hesitation.





An Interview with Music Therapist Maria Money-Facoory

Maria Monet-FacooryMaria Monet- Facoory is a Registered music therapist who graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Graduate Diploma in Music therapy in 2004. She has been back in New Zealand since mid 2010 working in a variety of different settings in both community and private practise. Maria has worked across the lifespan and health need spectrum, from psycho geriatric care, including Alzheimer’s, to work in the field of chronic and acute mental health. She has also worked with adults, youth and children who have intellectual and physical disabilities and in hospitals.

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Heinrich Heine “Where words leave off, music begins’’

Sovereign Insurance A-Team


A team of Sovereign Insurance employees came to Dove House and cleaned us up so beautifully – brick work, paint work, decks and concrete – even the windows inside and out. This kind of assistance ensures that the donated dollar can go straight into patient services and we can still stand proud of the building we deliver services from! Thank you Auckland Volunteering and particularly Sovereign for refreshing our environment – we are all very appreciative!

Dear Clark

I want to let you know how fabulous the volunteers were who came to Dove House on March 6th. They were a pleasure to have here and are great advocates for their company.

Peter, Angelyn, Renuka and Wendy worked so hard and by the time they left our building and surrounds was looking lively again! Cleaning of the windows and decks in particular has made a big difference. We are all very appreciative to Sovereign, Volunteering Auckland and of course these wonderful enthusiastic people who made it happen on the day.

Please extend our sincere thanks and best wishes.

Kind regards, Janine Ewan – CEO Clinical Services

A Tosca Experience

Sarah, a patient at Dove House,  recently had the opportunity to attend a performance of Tosca after some tickets were generously donated by the Freemasons Foundation – a charitable entity with a focus on supporting projects with a direct and lasting benefit to the community. The Foundation has long been a supporter of the Hospice movement and NZ Opera and were keen to connect the two entities. Sarah shares her experience below.

“When Tosca swoops onstage in her fiery red dress and fiercely sticks a hat pin into her stylish hat it’s obvious that drama lies ahead. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the drama unfold at the Aotea Centre, courtesy of generously donated tickets. Thanks so much for the opportunity to go to the Opera, it was great.”


A New Initiative at Dove House

Sue Hamilton is a new volunteer at Dove House. Sue has a background in copy writing and her role is to capture the many stories people bring with them to Dove House. We hope you enjoy the stories and photos Sue has captured.

Dove House Dogs

For her first assignment, Sue spoke with those who are often accompanied by their four legged friends to get the inside story on these faithful pets. Read more here.



A Team Effort

This is eight month old Ruby, her father Barry and her grandmother Theresa. Barry has been supported by the Dove House team since the death of his wife, Cushla earlier in the year.

Recently Ruby visited us with her proud dad and grandmother to show off her ‘Dove House original.’ The little pink number Ruby is modelling was created with love by Paula, a Dove House volunteer. Paula’s exceptional sewing skills ensure there is a constant supply of trendy little dresses and pinafores, often with matching jackets and bags, available for sale on the trading table.

Barry has become a fan of Paula’s handiwork and has been developing his feminine side by putting together a very pretty wardrobe of ‘Dove House originals’ for Ruby. When he took the dress Ruby is wearing home he was heard to say “Oh Ruby what are you doing to me?”

If you would like to purchase a ‘Dove House original’, drop in any time Monday to Friday between 9.00 and 5.00. We would love to see you.

Proud dad with Ruby.

Theresa, Barry and Ruby with Paula, a Dove House volunteer.

Regular Visitors

Meet regular visitors to Dove House, Ross holding daughter Salote 5 weeks old and Grandma Tagi!
Grandma entertains Salote while Ross participates in Yoga, Reiki and Lymphoedema therapy.

He says coming to Dove House has made such a difference, with the infectious positive attitude of staff and useful strategies to manage the complexities of treatment and caring for a new born while living with life threatening illness.

Ross first visited Dove House over a year ago as a tradesman helping to install some audio visual equipment. He tells us he was impressed then, with the atmosphere both he and his colleague experienced.

He recently purchased a little woollen rug just made for the baby carrier, at our little ‘Dove House Shop’ where there are many hand -made treasures to be found. Loads of beautifully knitted baby clothes, girlie summer dresses, cushions, book bags etc.

Come and have a look, we are open from 9am – 5pm every week-day. You are also welcome to stop for a coffee and snack – we operate a Koha café in our community.

Ross Salote and Tagi 010 web

Ross holding daughter Salote 5 weeks old and Grandma Tagi.


Patient Stories

Many of Dove Hospice’s patients have generously chosen to share their stories.

Pip Mills

A ‘Promise to Pip’ – Greg, colleagues and friends set up a Foundation while Pip was alive to assist with treatment costs and other needs. Following her death and in line with Pip’s wishes what remained of the fund became a bequest left specifically to help fund the continuation of the Art & Healing Table at Dove House. Read more about Pip’s story here.