Nursing and Medical Support


Our Oncology and Palliative Care Team includes two oncology nurses and a palliative care doctor who have many years of oncology and palliative care experience and understand the special needs of people with life threatening illness.Life threatening illness brings challenges for the person who is sick and those who care for them. Amongst the seemingly endless rounds of appointments and treatments those with life threatening illness can feel anxious and alone, and families can feel helpless to adequately support loved ones.

Our Oncology and Palliative Care team work in Dove House and in Dove Wing, combining their specialist clinical expertise with the wider range of therapies and emotional support services offered by Dove Hospice. In this way our Oncology and Palliative Care team support our focus on holistic care of patients, carers and families.

The Oncology and Palliative Care team can answer specific questions about your treatments and will also liaise with your own GP when and where required. We are dedicated to providing you with a strong sense of personal care and engagement in your treatment and on your journey.


Trish Melville, Clinical Services Manager

Dr Graeme Kidd