At Dove House we work with those who are supporting loved ones with life threatening illness. We understand how challenging it can be for caregivers to do it all alone and we want to make sure you have all the support you need.

Being a care-giver for someone who is sick is a demanding task. When this care-giving role continues for many months, even years, it can feel like an impossible task. Family, friends, neighbours, church, community and health professionals can all help you in your care for your loved one. Sometimes it is hard to ask for help. Other times it’s hard to know what help you need.

At Dove House we can:

  • let you talk about your feelings without suggesting what you should be feeling or doing,
  • listen without rushing in to tell you what to do, and
  • let you ask your questions and express your fears.

We can make suggestions about how to care for yourself. This might include exercise, meditation, and treating yourself. We can put you in touch with other caregivers so you might share the load.

We’ll also encourage you to say yes when someone offers to do the shopping, sit with the patient or prepare you a meal.

Remember there are at least two people who need to be cared for – the person who is sick and you. For information about our four – week programme for caregivers please contact us on 09 575 4555 or email