Access our Service

How do I access Dove House ?

• There must be a diagnosis of illness that is life threatening.
• There does not have to be a terminal diagnosis.
• You may be currently having curative treatment for your illness.(eg. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy) and need support through this time.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

  • You can refer yourself,  you can be referred by a family member or friend, your GP or other health care provider who are known to you and with your permission.
  • Click here for the  referral form
  • If you are unsure and/or want further information, please call one of our nurses on 09 5754555

What happens next?

You will be contacted within 1-3 days by phone. One of our nurses will chat with you regarding your current situation and deem if the service is right for you. An appointment will be made for you to come to Dove House for orientation to the service and what it offers, assessment and to plan your care together. This first appointment is usually coincided with a therapy session.

Our aim at Dove House is to empower and enable you to find and maintain a sense of well-being that is meaningful for you, while living with life threatening illness and to support your loved ones through this time.